Privacy policy

Privacy policy


As the operator of the Portal, the company SA, whose registered office is 2, Allée de la Petite-Prairie, 1260 Nyon (Switzerland), respects the private sphere and the personality of the web users accessing its Portal and its Application. In this context, it undertakes to process the personal and non-personal data collected when using its Portal and Application in accordance with these provisions and in strict compliance with the provisions in force regarding data protection.

  1. Definition and data collection

Personal data: 

This is the data that relates to you and may give some indication of your person. For example, this is the following data: last name, first name, email address, phone number, and similar information.

We respect the rules imposed by the Swiss data protection laws and, where applicable, those of the European Union. This means that we are transparent about you with regard to the personal data we process. We only process the personal data that we obtain from you by filling out the form or the answer to questions relating to the property for which you wish to obtain a pre-estimate on the Portal or the Application, namely:

  • a request for contact with an Advertiser for a property to rent or for sale that interests you;
  • a request for a non-binding offer with our partner Firstcaution for a rent guarantee;
  • a request for first free advice to finance a real estate purchase from our partner PostFinance-Valuu;
  • a contact request with our Company ("Contact us" section);
  • a contact request with an Advertiser (from an Agency listing in the List of Agencies in our directory);
  • an estimate of a property and connection with specialized real estate agencies to assist you in your sale project;

If we no longer process your personal data and are no longer legally bound to keep it, or if you no longer want us to hold and process that data, we will stop doing so.

You have the opportunity at any time to be informed about the processing of your personal data or to oppose this treatment. To know how to proceed, please refer to chapter 9.

In addition, your IP address is recorded during your visits and must be kept and disclosed in accordance with the applicable legal requirements in case of a request from the competent authorities.

Non-personal data: 

When you browse our Portal or our Application, we collect, as well as third parties (with whom we work such as Criteo for example), non-personal data through various technologies.

Non-personal data is information that cannot be directly related to you, namely your identity. We make no link between your personal data and this data, which therefore remains anonymous to us.

Why do we collect this data?

We collect and process this data in order to continuously improve your browsing experience, our services and adapt them to your needs. This data also helps us analyze traffic, build audience statistics about our ads and services, and provide you with relevant advertising.

Sensitive personal data:

Within the meaning of art. 3 let. c LPD, sensitive data concern religious, philosophical, political or trade union opinions or activities, health, intimate sphere, membership of a race, social welfare measures, criminal and administrative proceedings or sanctions. does not process any sensitive personal data.

Furthermore, none of our partners process sensitive personal data.

If you plan to subscribe to the services offered by our partners (Firstcaution, Postfinance-Valuu or Advertisers), we invite you to refer to their own general conditions and privacy policy before subscribing to their services.

You will find below the list of our partners and the link to:

  • their privacy policy
  • their general conditions of use.

Firstcaution (our partner for rental guarantees):

Postfinance-Valuu (our partner for mortgage comparators and financial advice)

Please note that PostFinance-Valuu may use third parties to provide the contractual services. PostFinance-Valuu uses third parties, in particular for the technical implementation of the service and the operation of the "Valuu" platform in compliance with banking, postal and commercial confidentiality.

Advertisers / Real estate agencies specialized in the sale of properties (our partner real estate agencies for the publication of more than 35,000 real estate listings for rent or for sale)

We work with several hundred advertisers and real estate agencies specialized in the sale of properties that our algorithms recommend to you to accompany you in your project of sale of a property for which you would have requested a pre-estimate on our Portal. So if you wish to learn more about their data processing practices, we invite you to consult their websites directly under the headings: Privacy Policy and General Conditions of Use.

  1. Use and transmission of personal data

By providing us with personal data, you agree may process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • perform and fulfill contractual or legal commitments;
  • check the access authorization and manage the user account (if existing);
  • inform about updates or modifications of our products, services or events as well as adaptations of the Terms of Use, etc.;
  • fight against fraud;
  • establish invoices;
  • develop and maintain the customer relationship;
  • offer you or put you in contact with real estate agencies specialized in the sale of properties to assist you in your project to sell a property for which you have requested a pre-estimate on our Portal;
  • in certain cases, use the data you provide for commercial prospecting purposes (for example, to send you our newsletters, send you invitations to our events or any other communication or service that may be of interest to you);
  • for marketing purposes;

As well as, in the case of non-personal data, to:

  • conduct audience analysis, market research and publish statistics;
  • design and improve our offers and services;
  • analyze user behavior with anonymous data;
  • insert targeted advertising by the Company or by third parties (with whom we work) on our Portal, our Application as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn or other sites on which You may be browsing on afterwards.

You agree that your personal data may be transmitted within the Company (for the proper functioning of the services) as well as to its current partners (Advertisers, Firstcaution, Postfinance-Valuu and/or Real Estate Agencies specialized in the sale of properties to accompany you in your real estate project) upon your request (completion of an application form for a property to rent or buy or contact with an Advertiser, a no-obligation offer for a rental guarantee or a request for a free initial interview for the financing of a property purchase) or, in certain cases, on our initiative (to introduce you to or recommend one or more Real Estate Agencies specialized in the sale of properties likely to accompany you in your project to sell a property for which you have requested an online pre-estimate) and processed for the purposes mentioned above.

The use of personal data transmitted in the context of a promotional offer (competition) or by filling in an online request form from an Advertiser for a property that interests you or by filling in a request form for a non-binding offer for a rental guarantee from our partner FirstCaution or by clicking to obtain a free initial interview for the financing of a property purchase from our partner PostFinance-Valuu or by filling in the form to obtain a pre-estimate of the value of a property, is not governed by these provisions, but by the privacy policy of the third party/partner or Advertiser concerned, to the exclusion of all liability of immobilier. ch SA.

If you have accepted to receive our newsletter to your email address, you may at any time unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of each newsletter or in the "My Account" section on our Portal or on our Application in unchecking the related box.

If you have created one or more search alerts with your criteria for a property to rent or buy (by email or push notifications on the application), you can, at any time, delete these search alerts, either by clicking on the link dedicated to the removal of alerts in emails sent for this purpose, either from "My Account" / "My Alerts" on our Portal or our Application (while logged in).

If You have requested one or more online pre-estimates for properties, You can delete these pre-estimates at any time from "My account" / "My pre-estimates" on our Portal or on our Application (while logged in).

No further transmission, transfer or sale of your personal data to any third party outside the Company and its current partners listed above is made.

The disclosure of data under the law, for example for the prosecution and discovery of illegal activities, remains reserved.

  1. Cookies

A cookie is a file consisting of a set of characters that is sent to your device when you browse on a website or an application. The cookie allows the site or application to recognize you during a subsequent visit.

Cookies allow us to observe the behavior of Internet users and to keep useful data to facilitate their future navigation.

What is the purpose of analyzing the behavior of Internet users? 

Based on this statistical data, we can carry out analyzes and make the necessary improvements to make your navigation on our Portal and our Application always more pleasant and efficient.

Cookies also allow us to improve the targeting of our advertising on other sites (through Criteo for example) and on social networks like Facebook.

Why do we keep your data?

When you fill in a contact form with an Advertiser, for example, to get information about a property you are interested in renting or selling, or when you indicate your income and/or assets when calculating your purchase potential or looking for mortgage financing, we save this information (surname, first name, email address and telephone number when filling in a contact form with an Advertiser or the amount of your income and assets when using services related to your purchase project and search for a mortgage) in your cookies, email address and telephone number when filling in a contact form with an Advertiser or the amount of your income and wealth when using the services related to your purchase project and the search for the best financing) so that you do not have to re-enter it each time you wish to obtain information on another property to rent or sell. We know that looking for a property to rent or buy can sometimes be a long and complicated process, so this service is here to try and make it easier for you and save you time.

Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can configure your browser so that no cookies are stored on your computer or you are always informed when you receive a new cookie.

Our services can in principle be used even in the absence of cookies, although some functions may be limited.

List of cookies on our Portal and our Application:

How to block some or all cookies from your internet browser? 

It's simple, just set up your browser so that cookies are saved in your device or, conversely, they are refused, either systematically or according to their issuer. You can also configure your browser so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies is offered to you punctually, before a cookie is likely to be stored in your device.

The setting of your choices is different depending on the browser you are using. You will find below the useful links by browser to set your wishes in terms of cookies:

The main browsers:

"Adobe Flash Player" ™ is an application that allows fast visualization of dynamic content using the "Flash" computer language. Flash (and similar apps) remembers the settings, preferences, and usage of this content through technology similar to cookies. However, "Adobe Flash Player" ™ manages this information and your choices via an interface different from that provided by your browser software.

Since your terminal might be able to view content developed with Flash, we invite you to access to your Flash cookie management tools directly from the

How to refuse a cookie issued from a social network? 

If you do not want our Portal and / or our Application to register cookies issued by a social network, you can click on the following disabling links that will store a cookie within your browser only aiming at disabling them. Disabling these cookies will prevent any interaction with the social network (s) concerned:

  1. Using Tracking Technologies on the Portal and Application

The Company uses anonymized analysis technologies for consultation of its Portal and Application in order to continuously improve these. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Ad Manager, Newrelic, the IP Label Probe and internal tools are used for non-personal analysis of the use of the Portal and its Application, for statistical evaluation and performance overall. In doing so, information about the operating system, browser, geographic origin (country only), pages viewed during the visit, and interactions (for example, number of clicks on an ad, a phone number, on banner ads, etc.) as well as the different response times of the pages viewed are recorded.

  1. Application

When you use our Application, we obtain technical information about your mobile device as well as data about your use of the application.

  1. Transmission of personal data abroad

We are entitled to transfer your personal data to third-party companies (authorized service providers) located abroad, as long as this is appropriate for the processing of the data described in this data protection declaration. These are subject to the obligation of data protection to the same extent as us.

For example, we work with a service provider abroad to send push notifications to our Application. We share the following information: your PlayerID (Unique mobile reference), your IP address and your Country with them.

  1. Data security

Our Company, our staff and our hosting partner for our infrastructure make every effort to ensure the security of your personal and non-personal data collected on our Portal and Application. We continuously optimize processes and tools to prevent tampering, intrusion, and intentional or unintentional, illegal, unauthorized deletion or transmission of your data.

Our employees and those of our partners are bound by the secrecy and the respect of the legal provisions of protection of the data.

Absolute security on the Internet cannot be guaranteed, however, the Visitor uses the Portal and the Application at his own risk.

  1. Retention period of your data

Your personal data are kept in a form identifiable by SA only to the extent required by and for the duration of the services subscribed. They are then erased from the files.

The Visitor takes note that a retention beyond this period and a disclosure to the competent authorities are reserved, in accordance with the applicable legal prescriptions, in particular in case of suspicion of illegal activity and / or request of the authorities.

  1. Your rights to your personal data

Your personal data belong to you. You are at all times entitled to know what is going on and to decide what happens to it. Under the Data Protection Act, you have the following rights:

Permission to access:

You have the right to know at any time whether SA processes your personal data and, if so, which ones.

Right to edit your personal data:

You have the right to have your personal data edited at any time if you notice that we are processing incorrect data belonging to you.

Right to have your personal data erased:

If the processing of your personal data is no longer necessary, for example because you are no longer bound by contract to SA or you no longer accept that your personal data are processed, you can require the erasure of these. We will delete your personal data, as long as we are no longer required to keep it for a certain period of time, for example by virtue of a legal obligation to keep it.

Right to restrict or block the processing of your personal data:

You have the right at any time to restrict or block the processing of your personal data, as long as we are no longer required to keep or process it for a certain period.

Right to oppose treatment:

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the data protection provisions at any time. This option is given to you after logging into your account. A simple email sent to with the corresponding consent withdrawal information is also sufficient. Please use the email address with which you registered on, so that we can be sure that the opposition is coming from you.

Please note in this regard that it is not possible to oppose generic advertising on our Portal and Application. This is the same type of advertising that you might find in a newspaper or paper magazine.

Procedures to adopt according to the nature of your request:



  • Purpose of the request: edit the personal data kept by
  • Filing the request: e-mail or postal mail
  • Identification of the applicant: copy of passport, identity card or Swiss driving license



  1. Contact the Company
  • By simple letter to the following address: SA – 2 Allée de la Petite Prairie – 1260 Nyon;
  • By e-mail to the following adress:;
  • By phone: +41(0) 22 307 02 20 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm 30 and from 1.30 to 5.30 pm (non-premium call).
  1. Final provisions

Amendments to these provisions SA may amend these provisions at any time. The modifications are applicable with immediate effect to any Visitor, even if it is a Visitor who already accessed the Portal and accepted the present provisions.

Nullity of certain provisions

If any provision hereof were to be void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions would not be less applicable. In such a case, the null or not applicable provision would be interpreted as close as possible to what was originally intended.

Applicable law and dispute resolution (for)

Any dispute arising from the processing of data collected by SA through the Portal or Application is exclusively subject to Swiss law, to the exclusion of any other law and conflict of laws rule. The exclusive place of any proceeding arising therefrom is fixed at the registered office of SA.

Nyon, 6 July 2021