Rent a apartment in the city of Chippis

Chippis is located in Valais canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 8 apartments to rent in Chippis. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Chippis is a small, humble and quiet municipality of 2 km² in the district of Sierre. The majority of French is spoken there, followed by German, Italian and Romansch on a smaller scale. It is a region that has evolved thanks to its agricultural activity in the past centuries. Today, two-thirds of the surface of Chippis is wooded, which offers a pure mountain air and allows for pleasant walks. Chippis is located on the left bank of the Rhone. The crossing of the Rhone by a large iron bridge (at the end of the pretty Grande Avenue) is a good place from which to admire the strength of the famous river. In the center of Chippis there is a sumptuous building. It is the parish church of Saint-Urbain, thanks to which the ancestral traces of Helvetic, Gothic and Roman architecture persist. And from sunset, this magnificent building takes on a whole other aspect, even more impressive, shining with a thousand lights. immobilier.ch can help you find an apartment in Chippis, a little known place but reserving a peaceful and pleasant environment.
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